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Why Focus On Community Corrections?

Why does RePath focus on Community Corrections?

Community corrections plays a vital role in our criminal justice system, yet it is often overlooked compared to incarceration. With over twice as many people supervised in the community versus prison, the need for innovative solutions to improve outcomes is clear. This is why our company, through our mobile supervision software RePath, is laser-focused on bringing technology-driven change to community corrections.

Scale of Impact

Community corrections covers a wide spectrum encompassing pretrial, probation, parole, juvenile, and treatment court programs. It shoulders the responsibility of supervising individuals in the community, both before and after incarceration. Here are some sobering statistics:

  • Over twice as many individuals are under community supervision compared to those in prison.
  • In numerous states, almost half of all fresh prison entries are due to probation and parole infractions.
  • Considering pretrial programs, the contribution to prison populations magnifies even more.

Thus, enhancing community supervision outcomes could radically cut down on incarceration rates and the ensuing expenses. This is why our company, through our mobile supervision software RePath, is laser-focused on bringing technology-driven change to community corrections.

Intervening in the Crime Cycle

Beyond the scale of people impacted, community corrections provide a pivotal opportunity to intervene in the cycle of criminality. The merits include:

  • Offering rigorous supervision combined with valuable treatment resources.
  • Facilitating pathways for individuals to reform.
  • Our software’s role in offering instant updates on potential risks and immediate intervention recommendations.

This proactive approach leads to reductions in technical violations, new arrests, and overall imprisonment. Studies have shown that technology-aided community corrections can decrease pretrial jail populations and post-release returns to prison.

The Broader Benefits

The benefits of improving community supervision extend far beyond the justice system

  • For the individual: It improves employment prospects, eases treatment access, and preserves familial connections – key pillars to deter criminal activities.
  • For supervising agencies: Technological integration boosts efficiency, centering attention on high-priority cases. Lesser incarceration paves the way for reallocating budgets to bolster supportive initiatives.
  • For the public: Reduction in imprisonment signifies taxpayer savings while lower recidivism improves public safety.

With so much potential upside, it is imperative that we apply technological innovation to community corrections. The status quo of high revocation rates is untenable, leading to overcrowded prisons and wasted budgets. Through tools like behavioral analytics, cognitive behavioral therapy apps, and automated check-ins, our software is creating a new paradigm. One that provides a supportive yet accountable environment for individuals to get their lives on track.

Technology-Enabled Community Corrections

We firmly believe that with the right interventions, people can change. By targeting the millions under community corrections supervision, we have an opportunity to prevent future crime on a massive scale. The research clearly shows that incarceration often exacerbates recidivism versus rehabilitation. That is why our solutions use technology to facilitate behavior change versus simply enforcing compliance.

The incentives are also aligned for community corrections agencies to embrace these tools. With fixed budgets but growing caseloads, technology represents a force multiplier. RePath makes case officers more efficient by:

  • Automating routine tasks
  • Identifying high-risk individuals for early intervention
  • Alerting officers of location, curfew, or exclusion zone violations
  • Automating court reminders and other announcements
  • Providing virtual treatment options 

This allows agencies to improve outcomes within existing budgets. Additionally, funding structures often reward reductions in technical violations and revocations. Technology enables agencies to capture more of these incentives by keeping people under supervision.

Schedule a Demo of RePath to Learn More

Investing in community corrections technology creates a rising tide that lifts all ships - improving lives, increasing public safety, and delivering taxpayer savings. That is why we are passionate about driving technology adoption across pretrial, probation, parole, and diversion programs. 

We firmly believe that with the right innovative tools, we can help bend the arc of people's lives in a positive direction. This not only creates second chances but also safer and more just communities. Our solutions represent the next generation of community corrections, and we are proud to be pioneering this new frontier.

Ready to see our software in action? Schedule a demo of RePath's mobile supervision software today and be a part of this revolutionary change!

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